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We evaluate and values brands every year, across all sectors in Pakistan. Get instant access to t our brand database, including brand value, brand strength, research and competitive ranking data.

The principles of understanding brand value can also be applied to geographic brands, nation brands, sports teams and not-for-profit enterprises.

  • Has our brand value changed?
  • How do our brand metrics compare to the competition?
  • What royalty rate should I charge to license my brand? 
  • How important is country of origin to our brand perception?
  • What’s the most valuable sports brand in the world?

Brand Data at Your Fingertips

Our Data Services provide easy access to the data that constitutes and underpins our brand rankings and studies. Our users include Brand Directors, CFOs, Academics and Fund Managers, who have used the data in many different ways: including brand metrics in Annual Reports, contributing to research studies, driving investment decisions, and as KPIs for corporate compensation.
In addition to corporate brand rankings, we do have published rankings of brands in Sectors, Markets on the basis of comprehensive research study on the perception of soft power.

Brand Value

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