Brand Valuation

Don’t Guess- Get the absolute value of your intangible asset (BRAND)

Brand valuation is a strategic link between strategy, marketing and finance. It provides perspectives and insights on marketing ROI and its impact on the intangible asset base of an organization. Strategic brand management, in which ROI, revenues and profitability play a crucial role, becomes more effective when valuation is integral to the process

Brand valuation is a metric that quantifies the worth of these powerful but intangible corporate assets. It enables brand owners, the investment community and others to evaluate and compare brands and make faster and better-informed decisions.

Brand valuations are used for a variety of purposes, including tax, finance, and marketing. Being the interpreter between the language of marketers and finance teams they provide structure for both to work together to maximize returns.

The principles of understanding brand value can also be applied to all types of brands.
  • How much is my brand worth?
  • How much should I invest in marketing?
  • Where do my brand rank among Peers
  • Where Peers are investing
  • How much damage does brand misuse cause?
  • Am I tax compliant with the latest transfer pricing?
  • How do I unlock value in a brand acquisition

How we can serve ?

Brand Survey

We carry out qualitative survey of Brands including their peers and perform appraisals

Brand Impact Analysis

Gauging the effect of brand on revenue and cost drivers to enhance profitability


Due Diligence of Target Brands

Due Diligence of Targets or potential targets to assess their risk & rewards.

Fair Valuation & Reporting’s

Brand Valuation for post-acquisition & balance sheet reporting and explaining the true value to your critical audience

Merger & Acquisition

Investigation of target brands in Merger & Acquisition (Pre and Post Deal)

Litigation Support

Independent assessment of damages to brand, arbitration & dispute resolution.

Why Brand Valuation ?

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